The leader of the Wood Forgers, Zigg is a master of paper magic, as well as the headmaster of his established School of Paper Arts.


Zigg is a wise magician of paper arts, as he taught Lion-O that "seeing" is about perspective, that while detail is important it is only when one steps back that they will see the bigger picture. He claimed to be a protector of the Forest of Magi Oar and that Viragor was a monster who would use the forest's magic for evil.

But Zigg, as it turned out, is revealed to be a liar and a hypocrite, as he and his Wood Forgers were not content with using only fallen timber to produce small amounts of the paper they needed and so used a paper mill to mass-produce it at the continuous cost of trees to gain more power, and he "demonized" Viragor to make the great bird seem to be the villain. He justified his crimes against the forest by stating some must suffer for the greater good, showing he felt no remorse for leeching off the forest's magic to use as his own and truly believed his cause was just.


He, along with his disciples, Gami and Nips, appeared in the Forest of Magi Oar to save the ThunderCats from fearsome spirits, using their paper magic. He led them to his school and informed them of a beast known as Viragor who sought to use the magic of the forest for himself, so Zigg and his disciples have made it their mission to protect the forest and the paper mill with which they use to turn timber into the paper they need for their magic.

But this is later proven to be a lie. Zigg and his friends were, as Viragor said, "guests of the forest who had worn out their welcome". Originally, they were content with using only fallen timber but they wanted more power, meaning they needed more paper, which is why they constructed the mill and selfishly cut down trees.

The ThunderCats then side with Viragor and defeat the Wood Forgers. Once Zigg is beaten, Viragor takes from him his occupation as headmaster of their school of magic and the Wood Forgers flee the forest.

Powers & Abilities

A master of Paper Arts, Zigg uses paper as a conduit and weapon to practice his magic. He is capable of making his drawings real, using them to suck up spirits of the forest, turn his paper into wings to fly, move them telekinetically, unleash a barrage of flash-paper explosives that hone in on his enemies, and much more.

The weakness of his power however lies in his notebook, which is strapped to his chest. It serves as the source of both his magic and his paper, therefore if it is destroyed or the notebook is disassembled, Zigg is powerless.




  • Zigg's name likely comes from "zigzag", a pattern one might draw onto paper.
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