First appearance | The Zaxx Factor
Last appearance | The Zaxx Factor
Name | Zaxx
Gender | Male
Species | Ancient Evil
Affiliation | Ancient Spirits of Evil
Weapon(s) | Magic
Voiced by | Bob McFadden

Zaxx is an ancient force of evil. He controlled the southern hemisphere of Third Earth, while Mumm-Ra controlled the northern. Zaxx's powers lay in the great Rosencrest Medallion.


After his defeat at the hands of Mumm-Ra, his spirit remained within the Medallion which was placed within the deepest recesses of the Black Pyramid. Many years later, Vultureman discovered the Medallion and wore it in an attempt at rebelling against Mumm-Ra. As Zaxx awoke, he commented that Vultureman was the ugliest body he had ever inhabited but intended to use him to defeat Mumm-Ra. However, Mumm-Ra revealed the dark truth about the Medallion in that long usage allowed Zaxx to take over the lifeforce of the wearer and they would become trapped within him forever. As a result, Vultureman discarded the Medallion and it fell outside the Pyramid.

At the time, Snarf had also arrived at the scene and placed the Medallion around his neck leading to Zaxx to take possession of a new host. Commenting that his new body was even uglier than the last, he decided to use Snarf to achieve his goals. This led to a confrontation with Mumm-Ra within the Black Pyramid where Zaxx managed to drain Snarf's lifeforce and thus regain his own body. The two evil forces battled one another until the arrival of the ThunderCats who rescued Snarf. In the fight, Zaxx managed to throw the Sword of Plun-Darr into the cauldron but Mumm-Ra managed to remove the Medallion temporarily. The weakened Zaxx thus fought with renewed fervour and placed the Medallion on Mumm-Ra with the two falling into the cauldron seemingly killing the pair.

Snarf would later comment that Zaxx had accomplished his mission which was the defeat of Mumm-Ra.


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