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Wolfrat is an infiltration robot created by Vultureman. It resembles an over-grown rat, yet its body is more wolflike. 


The Wolfrat is the state-of-the art in Mutant technology and has the ability to penetrate the Cats Lair's every defense. It can fire laser beams from its disc shaped ears. In order to avoid detection, the Wolfrat is capable of transforming itself into various objects like a rock or a box. It can also transform into a flying vehicle in order to traverse long distances quickly. The robot has a built-in drill which it uses to bore holes into walls. It is also capable of simple speech using singular words like "Attack" and "Transform".


Vultureman built the robot and took it to Mumm-Ra who armed it with Miniaturization Gas before sending it to the Cats' Lair to destroy the ThunderCats. It succeeded in infiltrating the Cats Lair as well as exposing the ThunderCats to the Miniaturization gas but was eventually destroyed by them with the help of a normal-sized Snarf.