Wizz-Ra is a powerful wizard from the ancient days who fought for the side of good. He returns from his the seventh dimension prison for one day every 7000 years. He is the possessor of the Enchanted Golden Helmet of Pharnoor, an item his mortal enemy, Mumm-Ra, covets very much.


Wizz-Ra is an Egyptian wizard who fought against the evil of Mumm-Ra the Ever Living. During one of his many titanic battles with the devil priest, Wizz-Ra was knocked unconscious and fell before the Great Sphinx. With another turn of deceit, Mumm-Ra damaged the face of the Sphinx, waking it up and letting it think that the innocent Wizz-Ra had scarred it. Not to let such a disrespectful act go unpunished, the Sphinx transported Wizz-Ra to the 7th Dimension. According to the curse the Sphinx issued, Wizz-Ra is only allowed to leave the dimension for one day every 7,000 years. As the time of the good wizard's first day out of the dimension approached, Mumm-Ra planned to finally take the Helmet of Fahnur for himself.

On the night Wizz-Ra returned, the devil priest commanded the spirit of his hunting cheetah to retrieve the helmet. The cheetah spirit possessed Cheetara right before Wizz-Ra activated the portal and stepped through. The hunter spirit took the helmet, leaving Cheetara comatose, and brought it back to Mumm-Ra at the Black Pyramid. The Thundercats set off to help Wizz-Ra to retrieve the helmet, but fell victim to its power. A revived Cheetara and Snarf helped the wizard regain the helmet, and their friends were released from the helmet's power. By this time, the day of Wizz-Ra's return was nearly over and he would have died had Cheetara not raced him back to the portal in time, and into the 7th Dimension.


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