Wingpack are used for one person flight in hand to hand combat in ThunderCats Roar.


First shown in use to fend off the mutants and impress Barbastella. The flight gadget was used a second time when the mutants attacked Barbastella's Bat Castle. The devices were also used as flight while using a concrete gun of some sort to fix the Wolo Dam and rescue some of the Wolos.

Physical Description

Shown as a type of metal colored jet pack with some red and teal color accent coloring. It is assumed the concrete gun is part of the gear.

Powers and Abilities

It has the power of flight, sometimes also as a unintentional ramming device. It has been shown to be able to hold the weight of three people at once.



  • It might be loosely based on LJN 's Thunderwings, a solo sold (and later with a Lion-O) accessory.


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