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Window in Time is the forty-ninth episode of SilverHawks series.


Text taken from Warner Bros. Entertainment Youtube upload of the episode.

A time window allows Hardware to go back to the time on Earth when the SilverHawks are leaving for the Limbo Galaxy.



Listed in order as they first appear.




  • Limbo Galaxy
    • Bedlama
    • Brim*Star
      • Mon*Star's Fortress
    • Light Year Limit (back in time only)
  • Earth (back in time only)
    • Federal Interplanetary Force 1 Headquarters (back in time only)


  • The episode has Hardware and Flashback revisit the launch of the current SilverHawks going to Limbo from Earth. Some footage is reused from episode "Journey To Limbo".
    • Appearently, Bluegrass didn't know the dangers of the Light Year Limit, or they were not as close to the Light Year Limit.
  • It seems that this episode was meant to introduce Flashback's fighting hawk Backlash. However, Backlash was shown in previous episode "Junkyard Dog". The only likely way to explain this is they added tricks to Backlash, and Stargazer wasn't ever told of the fighting hawks actions in the previous episode. That means that Hotwing and/or Flashback didn't do full reports, which is required of SilverHawks most of the time.