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WilyKat is the brother of WilyKit and the older of the two Thunderkittens. They were close to Lion-O's age when escaping Thundera before its destruction. However, their suspension capsules aboard the Thunderian Flagship worked and maintained their age while Lion-O's capsule did not.


The Thunderkittens, WilyKat and WilyKit, were among the ThunderCat Nobles leaving the dying planet of Thundera. WilyKat and his sister were given new clothing and weapons by Jaga, which would help them to adapt in their new home. The Thunderkittens left with the other ThunderCats when the Mutants arrived and fought them back using their new weapons.

After the ship crashed on Third Earth, the Thunderkittens helped to fight back the Mutants once again, surprised to see how much Lion-O had changed.

WilyKat and Kit helped a Wollo who had been robbed, pursuing the robbers after they stole a gold bracelet from the Wollo, they arrived at the mysterious Tower of Traps, after which WilyKat was captured. WilyKit journeyed with Lion-O to the top of the tower, avoiding many traps on the way, before rescuing WilyKat and fighting some monstrous Gargoyles.

When the time came for the third day of Lion-O's Anointment Trials, it was time for the Trial of Cunning. As the most cunning and crafty of the ThunderCats, it was WilyKat and Kit's duty to try Lion-O in cunning. The Thunderkittens set many traps for Lion-O within the Maze of Infinity , but Lion-O was able to avoid them all, while also having to battle the attacking Mutants. In the end, the Thunderkittens were caught in one of their own traps which backfired, and Lion-O rescued them with the help of the native creatures before they all ran to the cave exit. The Thunderkittens tried to beat Lion-O to the exit, but he had tied their ankles down, and he was able to beat them out, making it through the Trial of Cunning.


WilyKat is the more cautious of the two and he often shows his adventurous sister concern.

Powers and Abilities

WilyKat and WilyKit's primary weapons are the grenade capsules on their belts, containing a variety of chemical, smoke, and incendiary compounds.