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Willa is queen of the Warrior Maidens, a group of strong women fighters living in the forests, protecting it from evil. She is one of the Maidens who appears most as an ally of the ThunderCats. She also has her own Giant treetop spider called Bushy.


Initially, Willa was suspicious of both the ThunderCats and the Mutants when they arrived on Third Earth. But, later on, she and her Warrior Maidens became friends and allies to the ThunderCats. Despite this, Willa often blames them for problems that occur on Third Earth. [1]

Both Willa and Lion-O are glad to be formidable allies because they both posses strengths and weaknesses that the other can benefit from or lack. She can use the Sword of Omens as easily as Lion-O and was able once able to use the Eye of Thundera's power of Sight Beyond Sight.

Powers and Abilities

She has exceptional agility (especially in the tree tops), has great leadership skills, and is skill with bow and arrow. However, she can quick-tempered, too quick to jump to conclusions, and tends to be uneasy to trust others.



  1. For example: in the episode The Fireballs of Plun-Darr she blamed Lion-O for the destruction of Tree Top Village because before they arrived fighting did not occur on Third Earth.