The Warbots of the Lizard Army were massive war machines piloted by their people.

Warbot leader 225px.jpg


The source of the technology is unknown, but it appears to have been given to them by Mumm-Ra. The Warbots were very top-heavy and awkward walking robots / exoskeletons, protected by heavy armor. Their armaments include a shoulder-mounted energy pulse gun, a rocket launcher for long-range beacon-guided missiles.

These machines were used for the first time during the Battle of Thundera. They were used as mobile missile launchers--with targets designated by beacons, set earlier by saboteurs--and heavy self-propelled guns. They played an important role in the Lizards' victory.

However, the flaws of these machines were rather obvious--their lack of maneuverability and more-effective anti-personnel weapons. At least one Warbot was destroyed by the Clerics, and three more were destroyed or damaged by Lion-O with antique magnetic mines. In other operations, the Lizards used these vehicles as artillery support. At least three of them were destroyed by the ThunderTank in combat. The Warbots' high silhouette made them completely helpless against something like the tank.


  • They are seemingly based on the original Warbot. In the original series, Wilykat commented that the Warbot was a nightmare version of Slithe, even though it hardly resembled the reptilian in any way. Apparently, this was corrected in the remake.


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