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Vultureman is a Mutants, mechanic, and inventor.


Vultureman and Slithe both were on Thundera before it exploded trying to get the copy of the plans for the Plun-Darr War Robot from Claudus. They ended up leaving, not getting the copy but assuming it be destroyed along with the planet.

First seen on Third Earth as the pilot of his Flying Machine. He performed as Slithe had commanded, the ultimately was no match for Snowmeow's claw. After taking great damage from the ThunderTank, he took evasive action as the Flying Machine was unable to take any further damage.

Physical Description

He looks like as his name suggests, a humanoid Vulture. He has a skin color of a very pale purple, somewhat close to Monkian's. His most noticable feature is that large beak on his face. He also wears a short dark blue kilt.


Vultureman's ambitious nature is evident by the number of times he has broken ranks with the Mutants, either going solo or joining up with the ThunderCats' other enemies, such as the Lunataks. Much later, he decides to work for his own gains, and he often strikes solo deals with Mumm-Ra.

Powers and Abilities

In many ways the brains behind the Mutant's operations, Vultureman's skill with all things electrical, mechanical, and chemical marks him out as the most intelligent of the group. He is most dangerous behind the cockpit of his Flying Machine or a SkyCutter. Vultureman is a crafty opportunist who serves as chief inventor and his skills with both machines and science make him frequently indispensable, but he is more often than not blamed when his devices or machines fail to live up to Slithe's expectations (In one episode, he grew tired of this and activated a hidden self-destruct mechanism in every single machine and vehicle the Mutants used, telling them that if his work was really so bad, then "See how you do without them!"). As befits a scientist, Vultureman is inquisitive and open-minded, frequently leaving him odd-man-out among his more barbaric peers.


  • In his first four appearances (Lord of the Snows, Return to Thundera, The Astral Prison, and Snarf Takes up the Challenge), Vultureman was voiced by Bob McFadden. Earl Hammond would begin voicing the character in Sixth Sense and continue to do so for the remainder of the series.
  • It's unknown when and how Vultureman got to Third Earth, however it seems that if he was with Slithe right before Thundera exploded, that he was with the mutants on the Mutant Mothership. However, the show never directly addresses this.
  • His species never shown or spoken of.
  • None of the episodes with Vultureman feature appearances by the mutant species armies of Reptilians, Jackalmen, or Monkians.