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Viragor is a large magnificent bird, native to Third Earth.


Viragor is a wise and powerful being, and very protective of his forest, which he has defended for centuries. He considers any tree cut down to be a loss of life and despises the Wood Forgers whom he once counted as allies but are now his bitter enemies for taking advantage of his original hospitatility, as he considers them "guests who'd outworn their welcome".

He is not the monster he appears to be, as shown when instead of eating Lion-O, he ensnared him in his talons though he admitted he was considering eating him, though it might have been a bluff as he threatened to drop Lion-O from sky-high, but Lion-O called his bluff as the Sword of Omens recognized Viragor a force of good, which was why Lion-O could not use it against the mighty protector. His goodness was proven again when he spared Zigg's life but took his title as headmaster of the Wood Forgers' school, and instead banished the paper magician. He is grateful to those who help him as he gave Cheetara a new staff for breaking her old one, a staff carved from the oldest tree in the forest.


Viragor is a humongous bird, big enough to swallow a man whole. He has an owlish face with ears shaped like the wings of a bat, white fur or feathers enwreathing his neck, and blue-gray feathers and wings. His tailfeathers have two that are ribbon-like as they are longer than the rest and they trail behind him, he has yellow eyes with white slits for pupils, and fangs on his beak.


The Viragor has been living in the Forest Of Magi Oar for centuries, and protecting it for just as long. At some point, a humanoid wizard called Zigg first created paper magic. Throughout the centuries Viragor and the wizards' students, known as the Wood Forgers protected the forest together.

Later, the Wood Forgers, as they came to be known, were no longer content with the small amount of paper they had been collecting in the past. They decided to actually cut down trees for their magic paper, as opposed to simply collecting already dead trees for the paper.

Fortunately, the ThunderCats entered the forest sometime after this. After a slight misunderstanding, Viragor and Lion-O sort out exactly what had been going on. They both go to confront the Wood Forgers and eventually defeat them. Viragor took over as headmaster of the Wood Forgers' school of magic and presented to Cheetara a new staff carved from the oldest tree in the forest as a replacement for the one he broke and as a sign of gratitude to the ThunderCats.


Being a bird, Viragor can fly, and is immensely strong. Having protected his forest for centuries, he is either immortal or possesses longevity. He stated that he can use the forest's magic but was never seen using any magic aside from what might have been conjuring a staff for Cheetara when he placed his wing on the ground and passed it to reveal the staff, though it might have been a sleight of hand (or wing, as the case may be).


  • He is somewhat similar and comparable to the Griffins of the Wildstorm Comics.
  • He is also voice by Hector Elizondo, who also voiced Wan Shi Tong from "Avatar: The Last Airbender" (another series Ethan Spaulding worked on) who is also a mystical Bird/Owl Protector of something ancient.