Family Home Entertainment (f.h.e.) Videos (U.S.A releases)

  • Thundercats #1 Exodus (Big Box)
  • Thundercats #2 Pumm-Ra (Big Box)
  • Thundercats #3 Spitting Image (Big Box)
  • Thundercats #4 Trouble With Time (Big Box)
  • Thundercats #5 The Ghost Warrior (Big Box)

  • Thundercats #1 Exodus
  • Thundercats #2 Pumm-Ra
  • Thundercats #3 Spitting Image
  • Thundercats #4 Trouble with Time
  • Thundercats #5 Ghost warrior & Thunder-Cutter
  • Thundercats #6 Lord of the Snows
  • Thundercats #7 Return To Thundera
  • Thundercats #8 The Fireballs of Plun-Darr
  • Thundercats #9 Wolfrat
  • Thundercats #10 The Spaceship Beneath the Sands
  • Thundercats #11 Safari Joe
  • Thundercats #12 Tower Of Traps

Note: The "Lord of the Snows" VHS is considered to be very rare.

The Video Collection PAL VHS (U.K releases)

  • Vol. 1: Pumm-Ra and Spitting Image
  • Vol. 2: Exodus
  • Vol. 3: Ghost Warrior and Return to Thundera
  • Vol. 4: Snarf Takes Up the Challenge and Trouble with Time
  • Vol. 5: Berbils and Mandora the Evil Chaser
  • Vol. 6 & 7: Doomgaze and Terror of Hammerhand & Spaceship Beneath the Sands and Lord of the Snows
  • Vol. 8: All That Glitters and Lion-O's Anointing First Day: The Trial of Strength
  • ThunderCats Ho! The Movie
  • Terror of Hammerhand - (Blue cover)

Note: Vol: 6 & 7 were released as a Double Feature and the VHS box contained two tapes.

Lollipop PAL VHS (U.K releases)

  • Vol. 1: The Tower Of Traps and The Garden Of Delights
  • Vol. 2: Slaves of Castle Plun-Darr and The Doomgaze

Holywood Nites PAL VHS (U.K releases)

  • The Tower of Traps and The Garden of Delights and The Slaves of Castle Plun-Darr
  • The Slaves of Castle Plun-Darr

Wynd Up Records PAL VHS (U.K releases)

  • The Time Capsule and The Fireballs of Plun-Darr


Warner Home Video released the entire ThunderCats (original series) in a number of volumes in the following order:

Season 1 Volume.1:

  • 33 Episodes
  • Extras: "Feel the Magic, Hear the Roar: ThunderCats Fans Speak Out": an interview featurette in which Wil Wheaton (of Star Trek: The Next Generation) and other loyal fans give their memories and support to this animation classic.

Season 1 Volume.2:

  • 32 Episodes
  • Extras: ThunderCats Ho! The Making of a Pop Culture Phenomenon: Executive Producer Arthur Rankin Jr. Shares Secrets from the Show

Season 2 Volume.1:

  • 34 Episodes
  • Featurette on the series' composer, Bernard Hoffer.
  • Music video of the show's theme song performed by The Rembrandts

Season 2 Volume.2:

  • 31 Episodes
  • Features ThunderCats Ultimate Adventure Challenge on Disc 12

Warner Home Video also released the entire ThunderCats series in a number of seasons in the following order:

Season 1 - 65 Episodes

Season 2 - 65 Episodes

Seasons 1 & 2 - 130 Episodes

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