The wiki is switching gears and sort of going back to being more of an nostalgic type of wiki as the 2011 series ended and only got a 26 episode run. Some wont like the idea of switching things around, but lets face it, the original series is what people seem to remember, and the new series didn't last long enough to make an lasting impact. It was a fun ride, but its over.



First things to deal with.... the background. Take a look at the image to the left. Note that the darker area will be seen mostly only by HD monitors and such. It is a classic theme. The middle will only be see-able while the page is loading.


And then there are color changes. The top of the image shows what we have now, and the bottom is what I want to change it too. In many ways these are the same colors as before the 2011 series designs had come along.

Anyways, the logo is still in the works along with other design changes. I'll hopefully have more details soon. Comments below about the new design ideas are welcomed and encouraged.