As Lord of the ThunderCats, it is my duty to explore all that stuff and deal with any dangerous baddies!

I am the current "Maintenance" Administrator and the overseer of ThunderCats Wiki. If you need to contact me, use my talk page here when addressing any matters relating to Thundercats Wiki.

Introduction Edit


I have been editing at Wikia Fandom since September 2008. I am currently editing at Ghostbusters Wiki (my home-base wiki, check out the new film coming out this summer), and ThunderCats Wiki (a new kid reboot show of the classic cartoon series of the 80's, which is now airing on Cartoon Network), and Darius Wiki (a classic horizontally-scrolling shooter video game series, which is all about Aquatic life). However, I work on many wikis depending on the nature of them. I enjoy helping out new wiki's too, so if you are a new admin or a user and is having issues with editing a wiki, contact me at my Talk page.

BIO Edit

Hi, my name is Matthew Jordan. I grew up in Champaign/Urbana, IL, area in the USA. I am one of the somewhat older users on Fandom at the age of 40 years old.


This list below as aim at me. A Wiki To-Do-List can be found here.

Rebooting the Wiki

  • Get ThunderCats Roar section off the ground
  • Replace all Infobox templates with Portable Infobox templates
    • original series
      • Characters (original series)
      • Episodes (original series)‎
      • Locations (original series)‎
      • Vehicles (original series)‎
    • 2011 TV Series
      • Characters (2011 TV series)
      • Episodes (2011 TV series)‎
      • Weapons (2011 TV series)‎/Objects (2011 TV series)‎
      • Third Earth Locations (2011 TV series) ...This one is quite a mess.

Most of them had used the Template:Character.

Clean up vandalism (2014-2019)

  • Repair articles effected by a rather long lasting vandal on the wiki for 1985 and 2011 series:
    • Rearrange articles back.
    • Recover Bio images
    • Delete random screen caps uploaded

Busy Work, Improving Wiki Health

  • Shore up crew articles or delete them
  • Aim to bring done short articles from 57 (320 or less bytes) to 20 or less

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