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Tygus was an ancient Cat and possibly an ancestor of Tygra who lived long ago during the reign of Mumm-Ra and served the demonic being as a soldier. His master seems to have commanded the entire Thunderian race during these ancient times.


Tygus wears slate-grey battle armor with a red symbol in the chestpiece and a mechanism over his right eye, the purpose of which is sight enhancement.

Like Tygra, who may be a descendent of Tygus, he has dark amber eyes, red-orange fur, and black stripes. Unlike Tygra, however, his facial hair has grown in fully, suggesting he is of middle age.


He was a skilled pilot and strong soldier and was able to easily infiltrate heavily armed enemy territory and retrieve the War Stone.


Tygus appears to be loyal to Mumm-Ra, and obeys Mumm-Ra's command to "let nothing stand in your way" of his obtaining the War Stone. Having an obvious talent for military strategy and command, he is both officious and domineering.

When Leo's took the War Stone from him, he knew he was leading a rebellion, stating his disbelief he could get the other animals to unite behind him. Mumm-Ra did mention a rebellion to Leo, meaning someone had tipped him off to that possibility before hand, most likely Tygus.


Rising to the rank of Captain, Tygus was part of Mumm-Ra's assault on a red alien world where his master intended to claim a powerful gemstone known as the War Stone.

Tygus taking WarStone.jpg

As Mumm-Ra's fleet besieged the planet, Captain Tygus reported that the ground forces nearly reached that cannon that was being powered by the War Stone. Mumm-Ra ordered Tygus to destroy anything that stood in his way and to claim the relic. The Captain would lead a personal strike from his hovercraft and slay many of the alien defenders before taking the War Stone that reshaped itself into a red jewel that would become the basis of the Eye of Thundera in later years.

This artifact was later obtained by Leo, who forged it with the Sword of Omens and named it the Eye of Thundera, in order to defeat Mumm-Ra and free the other animals. Tygus at first underestimated Leo, believing that he never would accomplish this task. After Mumm-Ra was defeated, the Black Pyramid (Mumm-Ra's ship) crashed on Third Earth.

Downfall of the Tigers

Tygus's loyalty to Mumm-Ra would prove to be the Tiger Clan's fall from grace with the rest of the Cat's, as the Tigers were the only Cats that did not rebel and stayed loyal to the undead warlord. For continuing to side with evil, the rest of the Cats forced the Tigers into exile in disgrace as a result of their stubborn pride not allowing them to admit they were wrong, a pride that would bring upon their descendants a horrible fate.