First appearance | Turmagar the Tuska
Last appearance | ThunderCats - HO! Part 5
Name | Turmagar
Gender | Male
Species | Tuska
Affiliation | ThunderCats
Weapon(s) | Guns
Voiced by | Earl Hammond

Turmagar is the leader of the Tuskas. He first sought the ThunderCats assistance when the Giant Technopede was ravening his homeland of Tuskania. Since then he and the Tuska's are friends and allies to the ThunderCats.

Season 1 vs Season 2

A lot of characters have slightly different designs in the second season, in comparison to the first, Hammerhand is a good example. The overal appearance of Turmagar and his Tuska Warriors has changed quite a bit.

Turmagar in the Season 2 episode 'ThunderCats Ho!'


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