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Trouble with Time is the seventh episode of the original Thundercats series.


Tygra starts aging at an accelerated rate after accidentally venturing into the Cave of Time. The ThunderCats have to quickly figure out a way to save their comrade for whom time is rapidly running out.


Inside Castle Plun-Darr, the Mutants are extremely dissatisfied with the food that is being served to them by their Lizard Cook. Monkian suggests that a "woman's touch" is needed in the castle and Slithe, concurring, orders the simian to find a few servants.

Nayda, one of the Warrior Maidens of Third Earth, is fishing when Monkian suddenly abducts her. Nayda cries out for help and in the blink of an eye, her elder sister, Willa, armed with bow and arrows, arrives and foils Monkian's plans, sending him fleeing into the forest. The two sisters are upset at the way their world has changed after the sudden arrival of the two alien groups.

Back at Cats Lair, Lion-O decides to take the ThunderTank for a joyride, in spite of Snarf's objections. Lion-O loses control of the tank and it zooms around erratically with the young lord still inside. Hearing all the commotion, Panthro emerges form the lair, jumps into the tank, and stops it just as it is about to go over a cliff.

Panthro is less than happy about Lion-O's antics and points out that the Thundrillium supply is dangerously low and without it there will be nothing to fuel the tank or the lair. The ThunderCats decide that they should venture out into their new world and search for Thundrillium. Panthro provides each Cat with a Thundrillium Detector which would start to flicker whenever the substance is detected nearby. The ThunderCats each set out in a different direction.

Having overheard the ThunderCats talking about their dwindling fuel supplies, Monkian returns to Castle Plun-Darr and reports this information to his fellow Mutants. Seeing this as an opportunity to defeat their feline nemeses, they set-off to prevent the ThunderCats from succeeding.

While passing through a forest, Lion-O comes across Willa being attacked by a giant dinosaur like creature known as the Lizarthon. Lion-O scares it off using his Claw Shield. He introduces himself to her but she remains suspicious of him.

Meanwhile, in his search for Thundrillium, Tygra wanders into a strange cave which is giving a strong reading on his detector. Unbeknownst to him, he has entered the Cave of Time and anyone who ventures in there, ages rapidly until they die. Tygra begins to age at an accelerated rate and upon realizing this he tries to turn back but he has become too weak to walk out of the cave.

Still in the forest, Lion-O is ambushed by the Mutants but this time Willa saves him by firing arrows filled with sleep gas at the Mutants who make a hasty retreat. As Lion-O is thanking Willa for her help, the Sword of Omens warns him about Tygra. Willa tells him that only someone who is fast enough to avoid the cave's effects can bring Tygra out safely. Lion-O immediately thinks of Cheetara and summons the other ThunderCats.

Panthro, Cheetara, Lion-O and Willa arrive at the Cave of Time and Cheetara sprints in and brings Tygra out with her in a matter of seconds. Willa tells them of a pool that can heal Tygra called the Geyser of Life. The group decide they need to get Tygra to it as fast as possible. When they arrive, they find that the geyser is guarded by the fierce Wing-ed water snakes. Lion-O and Cheetara distract the flying serpents while Tygra enters the waters and comes out young again.




Continuity Errors

  • It is shown quite clearly in this episode that Lion-O cannot drive the ThunderTank and Snarf also mentions that his first driving lesson is "tomorrow" yet in the earlier episode Pumm-Ra, Panthro mentions that he has to return home so that Lion-O could have the tank for that afternoon. When Tygra asks if Lion-O can drive the tank, Panthro replies, "He took to it like a fish to water".
  • Also in the episode Pumm-Ra , Panthro mentions that the ThunderCats have to accompany him to the Thundrillium fields, implying that they had already located a source of the fuel yet in this episode, Panthro wonders if any Thindrillium exists on "this planet".


  • Neither Mumm-Ra nor the Thunderkittens appear in this episode.
  • Moral Jaga: Sometimes, you can save time by waiting and finding out all there is to learn about a situation.


Panthro: By Thunder! When I catch that tank-napper, I'll smash him into sonic smithereens!

Monkian: [as Jackalman eats his serving while he and Slithe complain about the food] Look at this place. A jackal wouldn't eat in this mess.

Lion-O: Willa. Soft name for such a tough girl.

Willa: Cats can't always be trusted.

Cheetara: If I move fast enough, the cave won't effect me?
Willa: It isn't possible to move fast enough, I tell you.
Panthro: [grinning] You've never seen a cheetah move if you think that.

Willa: I know a way. But it will be difficult. And dangerous.
Lion-O: Danger doesn't deter the ThunderCats, Willa.
Willa: Yes. I'm beginning to realize that.