Tookit is a raccoon living in the City of Dogs.


A pickpocket by trade, Tookit possesses a precognitive ability called Kleptovoyance, enabling him to see the potential use in stolen items and people alike order to improve his chances in stealing something of greater value. This ability, in turn, makes Tookit a firm believer in preordain circumtances as he managed to obtain the Forever Bag from a fellow thief and proceeds in forcing Gusto, Jenyo, and Albo into his services by placing them in positions where he is the only one to keep them safe from the Dogs' justice system

Encountering WilyKit and WilyKat during their visit to the Dog City, Tookit is intrigued when they told him they were once pickpockets while managing to respectively relieve them of their Flupe and Flank. By the time they realized they been burgled after he took his leave, the twins find Tookit and demand their possessions back. However, wanting them to back up their notion of being thieves, Tookit offers a challenge: if they could steal three things he asked for without getting caught, he would return their things. Though the Wileys succeeded stealing the items in question, they were caught and led their pursuers on an epic chase in which Tookit arranges an escape using the stolen items with the twins left impressed by his resourcefulness. Later, after the twins turn down his offer to join forces, Tookit takes his leave with Kit and Kat having slip their minds that Tookit had not returned their things until moments after he left.

A few days later, Tookit swiped a pocket watch from a dog and ended up meeting the twins when they literally fall before him after his thief caused a chain of events to jettsion them to his location. But seeing they are adamant in not teaming up with him and wanting their things back, Tookit takes them to a shack on the outskirts where he keeps the Forever Bag. Having his urchins meet the twins before returning their things, Tookit gives Kit and Kat two rings as parting gifts to show no hard feelings. But in reality, the rings were recently stolen as Tookit arranged the Wileys to be caught with them and then have Gusto, Jenya, and Albo bust them out in order to win their trust. From there, Tookit convinced the twins to stick around and join in on their thieving escapades, dropping the Forever Bag in various stores so the children can steal toys, games, and candy.

By the time that the twins learned Tookit's young thieves had been stealing money from the stores as part of their arrangement with him, and that they have become public enemies unable to walk the streets without being spotted by authorities, the Wileys realized they have been played as Tookit reveals that he saw them to be perfect for helping him steal a valuable gemstone from a well-guarded store. However, no sooner did he leave, the Wileys decide to get payback and convince the urchins to help them.

Waiting for the children as they complete the robbery, Tookit meets up with Wilykat to get back the Forever Bag. However, Kat places the gem in the Forever Bag and gives it to Snarf to hide while his sister and the urchins proceed to appear at random with each holding a fake Forever bag. They children manage to get Tookit to willingly admit that he steered them into a life of crime without any regret of subtly forcing them to become thieves. Unfortunately, realizing that he was overheard by a constable while still unaware that he took a forgery, Tookit runs off with the "Forever Bag" and is caught by the time he realized the twins duped him. However, though seemingly accepting being subjected to the Pit as the only way he could escape his cell is by lock picking, Tookit is revealed to still had a hairpin he stole earlier on his person.


Tookit appears as a sapient raccoon with black, grey, and white fur, and amber eyes. He wears a white undershirt, over which is a brown vest, dark brown pants, a tattered short red cape fastened to his shoulders by a pair of golden buttons, and he goes about barefoot. He's also shorter than the Wileys.


Tookit is a clever and cunning thief with some sense of honesty, and charming flattery. However, Tookit is greedy conniver with no true loyalty to his collection of recruits, enticing ideal patsies with various stolen items (like candy, toys, and games) while training them to become capable thieves for him to manipulate by placing them in a position where they have no choice but to stay and be used by him. He is also perfectly willing to leave his recruits to the mercy of the authorities. Furthermore, Tookit is skilled actor, acting the role of an innocent bystander to divert suspicion from himself. He also shows resourcefulness in using any item in his possession, usually an item of little worth he stole as his Kleptovoyance predicted he would, to suit his needs for the moment in question.




  • Tookit's name is a joke on the two words took it, referring to his profession.
  • Tookit is based on the stereotype of a thieving raccoon and the archetype of a gentleman thief.


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