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Together We Stand is the eightieth episode of ThunderCats (original series).


Mumm-Ra summons the Berserkers and coats their armor with Thundrainium and sends them to attack the Thundercats at the Tower of Omens.

Realizing that their armor is coated with Thundrainium, the Thundercats at the tower need help and Lion-O and Tygra rescue them. They create a windstorm to rub off the Thundrainium and the Berserkers retreat.

Meanwhile, the Lunataks invade Cats' Lair and the Thundercats must rush back to save the Thunderkittens and Snarf who are being held as the Lunataks' slaves.


It's important to work together as a team. Working together gives you a greater chance of success and makes the work easier as well.



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