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Members of the Tiger Clan

The Tiger Clan (simply referred to as Tigers) are one of the many humanoid races that live on Third Earth.


The origins of the Tiger Clan were not entirely known except that they were not native to Third Earth. Instead, like the other Animal races, they were in the service of the feared Mumm-Ra, the Ever Living. As such, their homeworld of origin was not known though Mumm-Ra found the cat species holding great potential due to their kind's cunning. Thus, he gave them superior authority over the other Animal races and believed that they had the capacity to "inspire fear" in them. This allowed the Cats to enslave the Animals and assisted Mumm-Ra in his control over the galaxy. In ancient times, the Tiger Clan served with pride as Mumm-Ra's elite fighting forces. During their time on board the Black Pyramid, they helped search for the War Stone where Captain Tygus was responsible for acquiring the relic for his master.

However, the reign of Mumm-Ra came to an end when his lieutenant Leo, a young Lion, led a rebellion against his master with the aid of the other Animal races in what became known as the Great Mutiny. This was in order to free all Animal races from his tyranny and he had the War Stone reforged into the Eye of Thundera that was placed within the Sword of Omens after Leo took it from Captain Tygus. Leo, who became the first lord of the ThunderCats, wielded the weapon and stripped Mumm-Ra of his power stones thus weakening him after which he was left trapped in stasis. The Black Pyramid later crashed on Third Earth where the Cats led by Leo constructed Thundera. For their continued loyalty to the fallen Mumm-Ra, the tigers were apparently exiled by the other cat clans and found a home up high in the mountain tops where they were treated as outcasts.

Even in their new harsh environment, the Tiger Clan prospered for many generations and became known as a lost clan to the other Cats. At one point disease swept through the clan, killing many. Caspin, one of the members of Council, suggested that they ask magical beings they called Ancient Spirits for help. The spirits offer to aid the Tigers, but only in exchange for a sacrifice. They demand the sacrifice to be the heir to the Tiger Clan. Clan leader Javan couldn't bring himself to kill his son and sent the baby Tygra away in a balloon instead. This resulted in the Ancient Spirits placing a curse on the Tiger Clan. Many years later, Tygra returns to his clan by accident. He then meets his long-lost father. Javan then tells Lion-O about what happened and tells him to take Tygra and leave before the other Tigers try to sacrifice him. Meanwhile, Caspin and some of the Tigers decide to break the curse before the sun sets. As Lion-O and Tygra attempt to leave, Caspin and his followers arrive and attack Tygra. Javan comes to their aid and is forced to kill Caspin in self-defense.

As he and the other Tigers are turned into the shadow monsters, the Ancient Spirits order the creatures to kill them. Lion-O and Tygra end up fighting the shadow monsters. As Tygra is restrained by the shadow monster that was his father, Tygra now knows what Javan had to go through. Tygra forgives him and this ends up breaking the curse, causing the shadow creatures to regress back to the Tigers. Javan states to Tygra that the Tigers are neither dead or alive. Javan states that they can now go home as he and the Tigers fade away.

So far, there hasn't been any sign of other members of the Tiger Clan. It can be assumed that Tygra is the last.


The Tiger Clan in the 2011 series of Thundercats are similar to other species of cat in terms of the feline placement of features paired with a humanoid stature. This includes animalistic eyes, hue, ears and duel-coloured hair which is often parted into two sections, adorned with marking similar to that of real-world tigers and identical to the markings that cloak the rest of the body. In terms of dress, the Tiger's would sport heavy leather clothing and fur-laden coats. Like all other species of cat in the series, they do not wear shoes.


During Mumm-Ra's rule, the Tiger Clan served as the elite pilots of his armed forces.

Known Kings/Chiefs

Known Tiger Clan Members