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The TigerSharks series had four major factions. The Waterians, which are the peaceful inhabitants of Water-O. The TigerSharks from Earth, which allied with the Waterians and protect them. The Captain Bizarrly Crew, which were prisoners frozen in ice at Seaberia, which seek to take over all of Water-O. The Mantanas, which released the Captain Bizarrly Crew and are allies with them due to mutual foes and interests.

TigerSharks Crew

From Earth, the TigerSharks came to Water-O to recover X400 explosive that had sunk to the bottom , under water. They found themselves in the middle of a break out of the planets criminals that had been released by yet another hostel party. The Waterians in turn asked for the TigerSharks help. The TigerSharks agreed to stay as they needed to get the X400 off the planet as anyone that has it could do vast harm to whole planets.


The Waterians are a friendly race of humanoid amphibian people. They had imprisoned the Captain Bizarrly Crew in ice a long time ago to keep the planet in peace. After the Mantanas came to the planet , they released the crew. Waterians found themselves with two terrible factions joining together and aiming to take out the Waterians. The Waterians asked the visiting TigerSharks for help, which they agreed to.

The Mantanas

The Mantanas are a group of Fishmen of some sort, that seek to take over Water-O, as the planet they had come from had dried up. They seek to take over the planet and make it a new base for them. They freed the Captain Bizarrly Crew and formed a alliance to together takeover the planet.

Bizarrly Pirate Crew

Bizarrly Pirate Crew were imprisoned in ice at a cold part of the planet, Seaberia. This was done by the Waterians to protect the planet from the crew. When the Mantanas freed them, Captain Bizarrly decided to form a alliance with the Mantanas, as they had common foes and goals.

Third Parties

  • Large Reflective Fish
  • Three-Eyed Whale
  • Dolphin
  • Termagant