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TigerSharks had aired as part of the "The Comic Strip", which had featured the segment along with three other segments "The Mini-Monsters", "Street Frogs", and "Karate Kat".

The show follows the same patterns and crew as ThunderCats and SilverHawks being a team of heroes being half human hybrids in space. Many of the same voice actors who had also worked on ThunderCats and SilverHawks provided their voices for TigerSharks. That included Larry Kenney, Peter Newman, Earl Hammond, Doug Preis and Bob McFadden.

Sadly the show has never been aired past 1987–88 season and a bit into late 1988. The only official release included stories "Voyage To Water-O" and "Sark To The Rescue" on VHS.


Unfortunately, since the series has never seen official release or even airing in the 1990s and on, there are episodes that are missing. Sometimes at best there are pieces of stories to work from, so until a source surfaces with the missing content, this section will be incomplete.


Taken from Promotional Series Synopsis sheet.


"TigerSharks" is the story of The TigerSharks' adventures on Water-O, a peaceful planet several galaxies removed from Earth. While Lorca, the TigerSharks' tough guy, is working a solo mission on Water-O, an ominous craft, The Mantana, blasts through Water-O's atmosphere and dives deep beneath the seas that form most of the planet.

Led by the ferocious T-Ray, The Mantanas free the innocent Waterians' most fearsome enemy, Captain Bizarrly, and his pirate crew from their icy Seaberian prison and capture the TigerShark, Lorca. With their friend and colleague in mortal danger, the TigerSharks blast off from Earth determined to rescue him.

The TigerSharks include: Mako, their leader and an expert in underwater combat, Doc Walro, the most famous oceanogragher and explorer in the Universe, Octavia, the commander of the TigerShark' spacecraft, Dolph, the team's communications expert who is able to telepathically transmit and receive messages, Angel and Bronc, a brother-and-sister team which acts as the TigerSharks' scouts, and Gup, Doc Walro's pet. Through the use of Doc Walro's invention, the Fish Tank, the TigerSharks are able to transform themselves into aquatic creatures which retain these superheroes' characteristics but which allow them to live and operate underwater.

After saving Lorca, they agree to help the Waterians save their planet. Together, the TigerSharks battle the twin forces of evil, The Mantanas, below the sea, and Captain Bizarrly's crew, on land.


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