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TigerSharks (complete name "TigerSharks Intergalactic Underwater Savage") is a organization which performs tasks of aquatic nature. Seeming to be based on Earth, the TigerSharks came to Water-O to recover X400 explosive that had sunk to the bottom of the sea bed on the planet.


  • Mako -Leader of the TigerSharks ship. He makes all major decisions for the crew.
  • Octavia
  • Doc Walro
  • Lorca
  • Dolph
  • Angel -Sister of Bronc, and a scout for the TigerSharks.
  • Bronc -Brother of Angel, and a scout for the TigerSharks.
  • Gup -Pet of Walro's as well as the crews mascot.


  • Wrist Rocket - Mako's wrist device shoots out a net that pins down whatever is in front of the shot.
  • Ink Bracelet - A weapon that Octavia has on her wrist, it shoots ink.
  • Fish-Head Cane - Doc Walro's trusty cane that has abilities to shoot special projectiles. It also has a built in propeller type ability.
  • Bubble Belt - Angel's weapon she wears around her waist.
  • Lasso Gun - A weapon Bronc used to lasso things.
  • Air Breathing Apparatus - While there is the Fish Tank to convert TigerSharks, the air breathing apparatus' still come in hand for missions that involve both under water and on dry land.
  • Tranquilizer Gun - Used to stun wild animals, it was used to incapacitate Termagant.


  • Sark - The main ship that the crew is on, it houses all the equipment to carry out their missions.
  • Sharkhammer - A smaller ship, three of them are kept on the underbelly water dock of the ship. They perform transportation in missions.
  • Sailboard - Both Angel and Bronc use them when scouting.
  • Two Person Sailboard - The two person version seems to be aimed more for missions above the water.
  • Bubble - A ball shaped vehicle that is for surveying deep underwater.


  • Earth - Where the base of operation is, for much of the time the crew is away from the homebase of operation.
  • Fish Tank - Located on the Sark ship, the Fish Tank is where the crew turn from human to fishmen, and back again.


"All crew" means the eight crew, including the dog Gup. The seven minus Gup, is "all seven humans".