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Thundera is a powerful nation-state upon the world of Third Earth that was founded by the first lord of the ThunderCats Leo.

Thundera was destroyed at the beginning of the series. The city fell due to an attack lead by the lizard general Slithe and the traitor Grune, completely devastating the city-state. Now only the ThunderCats and some surviving Thunderians remain.

In spite of the peace enjoyed by the cats, many of the other species of Thundera did not enjoy such comforts, such as the dogs and tailed cats whom all lived in the slums.

Most citizens abhorred technology, denying the existence of machinery entirely and leaving thoughts of such things as fairy tales. This belief was a major contributing factor to their destruction as the lizards attacked them with advanced bipedal war machines Warbots while the ThunderCats fought with bows and arrows.

The Cat Slaves from Mount Plun-Darr are currently living in the ruins of Thundera.


  • Unlike in the original 1985 ThunderCats series in which Thundera is the homeworld of the Thunderians and separate from Third Earth, this Thundera is a nation state on Third Earth established by the Cats when they became stranded on the planet, away from their homeworld. The name of the Thundercats' original homeworld was never revealed, though it was hinted that it was also the homeworld of the other species and the Cats ruled over all of them with an iron fist.

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