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The ThunderTank is the primary vehicle the ThunderCats use in 2020 animated series, ThunderCats Roar. It is maintained by Panthro, though Tygra cleans it.[1]


Developed by Panthro from the scraps of the Royal Flag Ship, it contains many resources for battle. It was first shown in use in defeating Boggy Ben.

Physical Description

It looks like a cat (panther, mainly) and a tank. It's treads are a major feature, which look like back legs. It's front feet are also notable along with its cat face on the front.

Powers and Abilities

It is the main vehicle of transportation, and can go through anything that is thrown at it. It also has endlessly went through the Black Pyramid, among other places; showing great strength and dependability.

List of mechanics revealed:

  • Thunder Snaps launcher (seen in:"The Legend of Boggy Ben")
  • Ground and Mountain burrowing (seen in:"Panthro Plagiarized!")
  • Can use arms to whip things (seen in:"Warrior Maiden Invasion")
  • Cat-apult roof feature (seen in:"Lost Sword")
  • Backup Claw storage (seen in:"Lost Sword")
  • Drive under water (seen in:"The Horror of Hook Mountain")
  • Snow ski (seen in:"The Horror of Hook Mountain")
  • Subs launcher, for food on the go (seen in:"ThunderSlobs")



  • The ThunderTank was colored blue in error in "Prank Call" when in the Cats Lair. Likely, that was the darkly light colors for it as the rest of the episode is in the dark.


  1. From ThunderCats Roar, Episode: "ThunderSlobs" (TS: 1:14)

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