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The ThunderTank is a tank built by Panthro in the second episode of the original series.


Panthro used parts from their wrecked spaceship to build it. It has many attachments including a drill, claws, a crushing mouth, and a defense system. After an initial attempt to drive the ThunderTank almost ended in disaster, Lion-O realized he had a lot to learn about driving the tank. When Lion-O admitted that he was wrong to drive the tank without proper instruction, Panthro agreed to teach him how to drive the tank. Lion-O quickly became a very able driver. Wilykit and Wilykat love to take rides on it. It is a slow vehicle that makes up for this in armor and firepower and being able to carry many passengers. Normally Cheetara does not ride it due to her fast running speed.

Physical Description

The ThunderTank is rectangular in shape with front tires on each side covered by claw shaped guards & open tracks in the rear. It has seating for three persons up front in the cockpit & multiple persons in the rear passenger compartment, these two areas are separated by a bulkhead with access between the two areas.


The driver sits in the left front seat of the cockpit driving & operating the tank's systems, while the right front seat is for an optional co-pilot. The center seat is purely for passengers & appears to have no controls. Snarf or one of the Thunderkittens are most often shown sitting here.

The cockpit area is usually depicted as open to the elements, but can be enclosed by a transparent windshield & metal roof in case of rough weather or during battle.

During the Season 4 episode The Mossland Monster, Snarf & Snarfer are shown as driving & operating it without any difficulty. Presumably, Panthro designed it with Snarf operators in mind or later modified the tank's systems, so they might work them.

Rear / Passenger Compartment

The rear compartment is shown as an area with seating in it for passengers & has some computer access stations. It also has an upward / downward extending energy weapon, that's operated from a standing position. This area has a metal roof that pivots upward & outward to open when Thundercats enter / exit or need to use the energy weapon. Seats are only seen when they are needed.

There is a trunk area in back of the tank, it is large enough for Snarf to fit in.

Powers and Abilities

The ThunderTank is depicted as being a mobile base & weapons platform. It is sometimes seen as fulfilling the functions of a recovery, construction or mining vehicle, i.e. tow truck, truck with trailer or extracting Thundrillium.

The weapons are:

  • An articulated mouth that can hold & carry items, as well as chew & crush them.
  • Claw shaped guards over the front tires. These are most usually shown as helping the ThunderTank gain traction or drive straight up cliffs. They extend & retract to pull the Tank along. These raise up to expose energy weapons & for servicing that area during maintenance.
  • Single barrel energy weapons are mounted under the claw guards, in front of the tires.
  • A center line mounted single barreled energy weapon. It is stored in the front in a compartment accessed via a door. It is capable of shooting straight ahead of the vehicle & can pivot up to 90 degrees straight up, & a few degrees left or right as necessary.
  • A three barreled energy weapon that is mounted in the rear compartment it is raised & lowered as necessary & turns 360 degrees. This is able to shoot 1 beam at a time, 2 or all 3 at once.


  • The Thundertank is the first vehicle designed & built for use by the Thundercats & is shown as the primary transportation during season 1.