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‘’Thundercubs, Part 5" is the ninety fifth episode of ThunderCats (original series)


Lion-O frees the ThunderCubs from Mumm-Ra's spell and the ThunderCubs safely leave New Thundera. Lion-O and Snarf must confront Mumm-Ra in order to get the Book of Omens. After they defeat Mumm-Ra, they ask Mu-Mutt (using a magical flute) to use Mumm-Ra's "device" to get them back to Third Earth.

Meanwhile, the Lunataks capture some Berbils and the ThunderCubs return to Third Earth. They and the Thunderkittens must go to Sky Tomb to free the other ThunderCats and the Berbils.

After everyone is freed, they are all cornered by the Lunataks, but Lion-O and Snarf arrive to save the day. The ThunderCubs must then go in the Cave of Time to become Thundercats again. Though Mumm-Ra was abandoned on New Thundera the Ancient Spirits bring him back to Third Earth.




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