Speculation is the process of thinking about possibilities, or a particular conclusion arrived at from such thought.[1] In short it is guessing out something. Sometimes this can not be avoided as some media materials by nature leave things open.

Speculation at this wiki is permitted with the following factors in place:

  • The subject matter was briefly brought up in media material therefore its important but left too open to properly be referenced.
  • The subject matter being a ghost or weapon was never named or explained during its use.

However, there should be a attempt to find references to the article, and the common belief of the subject matter on other websites should be taken into account.

What is not permitted is the speculation that is not based in any amount of fact and has no references whatsoever. Speculation at this wiki is Not permitted with the following factors in place:

  • Shot in the Dark and saying random things and adding random dates to them.
  • Adding love interests and romances when the material didn't suggest it.
  • Assuming that since they didn't say something, that they meant something else.

Rules When Dealing with Speculation

Many times there are disagreements that will arise when speculation is used in a article. It is up to the editor of the content in question to defend they decision. Usually within a week period of the questioned work on a talk page to the article with the content in question. (The Editor can be found in history of article. Compare til you see who it is.)

Now, if others agree with the speculation or can find references to defend it, they are invited to join in on behalf of the editor that added the content.

IP Users cannot be contacted, so if the person edited the article is one, then the change should then be reported on the talk page, but the user is allowed to go ahead and change the article.

If it appears the editor in question is active but did not react to the talk page, one edit of the user talk page informing them of the debate is advised.

If neither point of the argument can be defended, the first argument will remain unless only one side is from normal/administrator users, which then it is from better source than a IP user.

If you are having issues deal and interact with other users on this subject please go to Discussion Policy.


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