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The Reference Guidelines are meant to make it easier to reference media so when questions arise, it can then be quickly answered without debate. References are used to debunk accusations of speculation and fan theories.

What is Speculation

Speculation is the process of thinking about possibilities, or a particular conclusion arrived at from such thought.[1] In short it is guessing out something. Sometimes this can not be avoided as some media materials by nature leave things open.

Speculation at this wiki is permitted with the following factors in place:

  • The subject matter was briefly brought up in media material therefore its important but left too open to properly be referenced.
  • The subject matter being a item or location was never named or explained during its time in the episode.

However, there should be a attempt to find references to the article, and the common belief of the subject matter on other websites should be taken into account.

What is not permitted is the speculation that is not based in any amount of fact and has no references whatsoever. Speculation at this wiki is Not permitted with the following factors in place:

  • "Shot in the Dark"[2] and saying random things and adding random dates to them.
  • Assuming that since they didn't say something, that they meant something else.
  • Adding love interests and romances when the material didn't suggest it.

When Dealing with Speculation

In cases of found content in question, you can add a {{CN}} at the end of the last sentence related to the information in question. That sends the signal that either the content is in doubt or that it is speculation.

How To Reference/Cite media

Note that all articles will need this at the bottom of the article, above the Gallery in order to display references.


Dialog/Events In Episodes

When dealing with referencing something, you need to know what series, episode, and time in the episode it was said/seen.

<ref>From [[Series name wiki link]], Episode: [[Episode name wiki link]], (DVD Time Stamp in Reference) ''Character Name says: "What character said"''</ref>

Example of this:

<ref>From [[ThunderCats (original series)]], Episode: [[Safari Joe (episode)|Safari Joe]], (TS: 6:31-6:33) ''Mule says: "...And a power staff."''</ref>

Note that the following part can be skipped if deemed not needed:
''Character Name says: "What character said"''


For a Website Reference it only needs the url, name of the page and place it is from.

<ref>[Url Page name from Website Name]</ref>

Example of this:

<ref>[ ThunderCats (1985 TV series) from Wikipedia]</ref>


As for any form of print (paper), it is required the page number and book name. However, the more details the better.

<ref>From [[Comic/Print Series name wiki link or Publisher name wiki link]], Comic: [[Comic/Print name wiki link]], (Page Number) ''Character Name says: "What character said"''</ref>

Repeating the same Reference using Footnotes

When the same reference is used more than once on a article, it is better to consolidate using Footnotes. Pretty much you make one reference that includes a named reference (footnote), which then makes it so anywhere else in the article after that reference you can add the tag.

<ref name="FootnoteName"></ref>
<ref name=FootnoteName/>

Example of this:

<ref name="Zap2ItEpisodes">[ Zap2it Thundercats Roar Upcoming Episodes]</ref>

<ref name=Zap2ItEpisodes/>

It is suggested to name the footnotes the website being linked to, and the section/article being referenced. Footnote names can not have spaces or symbols. The shorter the better. If different references to the same page occur you might also date them or number them off.


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