This is the Introduction page to ThunderCats Wiki. Everyone is expected to read this page before editing and interacting at this Wiki. This page is to help new editors and viewers fit into the wiki community. This page addresses beginner mistakes and ways to avoid conflict.

IP Users

Those that are not signed in to Wikia are considered IP users. While it is OK to edit at the wiki, we strongly suggest signing up to Wikia and getting a log in. In a dispute, it is hard to contact a IP user, therefore usually we forgo warnings, and in some cases we ban IP users seen as disruptive. Bottom line, sign up.

Editing Rules

Read over the article and other articles like it before editing. Think about what the article is trying to talk about before editing.

We suggest to start in baby steps. Do basic spell check, grammar, and minor text add-ons. We strongly suggest against renaming/moving articles, adding categories, or adding images.

Image uploading Rules

Images are Expected to be screen caps made by the user and not off google/bing searches. Images found to be stolen from another site will be deleted, and the user that uploaded them will be subject to a year long ban. We also do not approve of multiple uploads of images for character articles. Adding more than three images at a time on a character page could result in a year ban. We take this sort of thing seriously.

Category Tag Rules

Basically, follow what other articles like it are doing. Research the wiki. It is also strongly suggested that you read This Blog

Last Words

I know it may seem a bit much to take in, but really we want you to take your time getting involved here.

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