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This is our Frequently asked questions section of the site for new editors. All the headlines/topics down below are to help you. Refer to this site if you have any questions.

Name of Article is Wrong/Misspelled/not Proper

While we do care about having our facts right, however we don't like people starting up random articles cause the name wasn't right. That is counterproductive and may result in a ban. When finding conflict with a articles name, click the talk page above and then if a page is started add comment, and if your starting a talk page, give us the following:

  • a headline (topic) and put two "=" signs before and after the topic. It will look like:

Hit return and tell us what it should be and if you could provide links or the names of places that use that name/term. After you are done, sign it by using four "~" which will look like this ~~~~ .

Same holds true if you find a link on a article that seems misspelled.


Categories, How do they work?

Better to read here first, but categories are about finding information on a given topic. Many times categories are made by editors because it seemed right, however usually will get undone later. To know proper Categories, all you need to do is look at our Category tree below.

Category Tree (for full size, click here)