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This Policy is meant to work with Fandom's own "Wiki Rules and Blocking Policy".

Temporary Blocking

A "Temporary Blocks" is used to stop editing so the editor can read the admin's issues with the edit(s) performed. Most Temporary Blocks are set for fifteen minutes with a few being set for one hour or two depending on the severity of the edit. They are not considered a form of punishment, and will end once the user confirms they read the admin's wishes on the user's talk page or when the time given expires.

Real Blocks

Blocks are performed at the local level for the following reasons:

  • Repeated doofy edits (Type 1):
    • Performing small edits that add the same information already present in the article.
    • Changes the article's design so it doesn't function correctly.
    • Adding/altering article categories frivolously.
    • Changing a article name and/or its title of subject in the article to go against the Naming Policy.
    • Altering image wiki links so they don't function as intended.
    • Adding elements to bold and/or italicize text, and adjusting gallery settings.
    • Dry labbing large amounts of text from articles in other websites such as Wikipedia and Fandom Wikis.
    • Uploading images with no summary, no source, and/or no license selected.
    • Uploading images of manipulated photos, fanart, or off-topic topics.
    • Using profanity in articles or conversation.
    • For suggestive descriptions of characters or events. This might include talk to great detail about physical features as these can hold negative and questionable implications.
    • For overemphasizing about one element of the story, such as a character's dialogue overshadowing the plot. Article text should be accurate and objective.
    • Uploading one or two sexually suggestive images, especially with a possible sexual narrative or fetish.
  • Disruption concerns (Type 2):
    • Performing a mass number of renaming (moving) of articles. Seek a admin to talk over the idea.
    • Adding a mass amount of categories to an article or multiple articles in a row without seeking a admin to talk over the idea.
    • Inserting text that is clear none-sense or purposeful vandalism.
    • Blanking or removing major amounts of content from an article.
    • Ignoring talk page and continuing to do edits that were requested to be stopped.
    • Uploading a string (three or more) of sexually suggestive images, especially with a possible sexual narrative or fetish.
    • Fighting with users/admins.
    • Sock Puppetry; using a sock puppet without permission.
  • Severe disruptions (Type 3):
    • Spamming; Posting links to websites or suggesting a brand.
    • Unacceptable username; offensive or a username mimicking another username.
    • Posting graphic or sexually explicit content.
    • Confirmed under-age user.

The following actions will be performed in this order with repeated offenses:

  • Type 1
    • First Three Offenses: Warnings will be posted on the user's Talk Page.
    • Fourth Offense: Blocked for two weeks
    • Fifth Offense: Blocked for three months.
    • Fifth Offense: Blocked for one year.
    • Sixth Offense: Blocked for three years.
  • Type 2
    • First Offense: Blocked for three months.
    • Second Offense: Blocked for one year.
    • Third Offense: Blocked for three years.
  • Type 3-Instant infinite block, and will be considered for reporting to SOAP (Spam Obliteration and Prevention).

Appealing a Block

At local level, on your talk page start a topic "Appealing a Block" and note why you are appealing the block. This should detail why you got blocked in the first place. If there is already a topic on your talk page, it is encouraged that you address it. Blanking the talk page or changing the conversation will not help. If you feel you can't confront the Admin, see "Wiki Rules and Blocking Policy".

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