The ThunderCats wiki Agenda Policy is the single most important policy and it is about "who maintains the wiki".

This Wiki is by default a Open and Free place for anyone to enjoy ThunderCats in any shape or form. Anyone can edit here with the confidence that you have a right to edit here and to be in debates.

Things we don't support: We are not interested in supporting "Groups/Cliques" and "Perspectives" that aim to control the community at large. There are fans who like a maintained perspective, and to them we say go elsewhere. We don't need anyone to be here (other than wikia), and we don't need a form of income (wikia provides the space). This place is not biased, so all we want is your perspective, information, and your love for ThunderCats. We have nothing to gain here, and that is how this Wiki works.

The only things we restrict here are propaganda, vandalism, and some forms of explicit content (no Adult Content). We all want to be friends and enjoy the ThunderCats Franchise. To read more about what this wiki is about, click here.

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