ThunderCats Roar (occasionally stylised with "ROAR" presented in all-caps) is a current 2020 animated television series and the third animated iteration of the ThunderCats franchise. The series differs heavily from the previous two cartoons in tone and style, while still keeping the same plot framework of the originals.

It was initially announced in May of 2018 with a projected release date of September 19th, 2019, though it was ultimately delayed to February of 2020, with the first, two-part episode premiering early online on January 10th 2020. The series is helmed by Victor Courtright (a writer, storyboard artist, and character designer on Disney XD's Pickle & Peanut) and by Marly Halpern-Graser (creator of Disney XD's Right Now Kapow). And features an unorthodox voice cast filled with numerous anime regulars such as Max Mittelman, Erica Lindbeck and Patrick Seitz.


The series is set for a televised premier in February of 2020, but its first two episodes debuted on January 10th on Cartoon Network's website and are free to view. No further word has come in regards to the continuation of the series, though it will likely receive a full first season.

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Story and Setting

The show largely follows the same plot as its predecessors, with Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara, WilyKat, WilyKit, and Snarf narrowly avoiding their demise when their home planet, Thundera, is annihilated suddenly, resulting in them crash landing into a planet known as Third Earth, where they are challenged by a variety of oppositions, including the one and only Mumm-Ra. Unlike the previous two shows, the plot is carried in a much more episodic manner, as opposed to having an overarching story told across the course of the show's run. As such, while the show may possess continuity, the episodes themselves will largely be self-contained.

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Crossover with Teen Titans Go!

In the Season 6 Teen Titans Go! episode "Teen Titans Roar!" features a plot dealing with criticism the 2020 series has received. It is noted for its controversial stance and imagery. However, crew for ThunderCats Roar did not come up with the story or message, according to show producer Marly Halpern-Graser.[2]


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