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The ThunderCats were an elite group of Thunderians from the planet Thundera. Their base of operations had always been a Cats' Lair.

Code of Thundera

It is the duty of the ThunderCats to uphold the code of Thundera.

  1. Truth: To speak the truth at all times
  2. Loyalty: To be loyal to family and friends
  3. Honor: To honor and respect superiors
  4. Justice: To strive to help others and fairness in all acts that are committed that is good

The Lord of the Thundercats

The ThunderCats leader, the Lord of the ThunderCats is a hereditary title passed down. But every Lord of the ThunderCats must undergo a series of Anointment Trials in order to be worthy of the title. Lion-O began his Anointment Trials on his 20th birthday. He defeated fellow ThunderCats Panthro in a Trial of Strength, Cheetara in a Trial of Speed, Wilykit and Wilykat in a Trial of Cunning, and Tygra in a Trial of Mind Power. In his fifth and final trial, he defeated his arch nemesis, Mumm-Ra, in a Trial of Evil.

The anointment ceremony, held at the Cats Lair , was attended by many from Third Earth including the Berbils, Bolkins, Brute-Men, Molemen, Tabbuts, Trollogs, Unicorns, Wolos, and Warrior Maidens. Individuals present at the ceremony included Dr. Dometone, Hachiman, Mandora, Quick Pick, Unicorn Keepers, Snowmeow, Willa, and Nayda.

Lord of the ThunderCats was a title held by the rulers of the ThunderCats. Grune's great grandfather held this title.

Known Lords

Notable ThunderCats


  • In the Marvel comic series, the term ThunderCat is often used to refer to the entirety of the Thunderian race.