ThunderCats wiki

The ThunderCats are an elite group of Thunderians from the planet Thundera.


The elite group had at one time thrived on Thundera, playing a part in the advancements of the planet. One day, the Mutants came down to Thundera and tried to enslave the thunderians and one ThunderCat, Jaga took them on. Ultimately, he battled the Mutants leader, Ratar-O. Ratar-O was defeated and the mutants left, but the Sword Of Plun-Darr which Jaga had confiscated from Ratar-O was thrown in a volcano on Thundera. This lead to it sinking down the the core of the planet, which made the planet explode.[1]

The current ThunderCats had escaped the destruction of Thundera and ended up crash landing on Third Earth. They have since had built a Cats Lair, and developed vehicles.




  • Jaga (deceased, now a ghost)
  • Claudus
  • WilyMom
  • Grune
  • Jagara


  • Royal Flag Ship - The space ship that had transported the ThunderCats to Third Earth. It was destroyed in the crash, but its scraps were used to build the ThunderTank.
  • ThunderTank - The main vehicle of the current group, it can about got anywhere on Third Earth.
  • Cat-amaran - A water based vehicle, it was shown to still be effective against any enemies on the water.
  • ThunderBuggy - A fun day vehicle, it has been shown to be a care-free vehicle.


  • Cats Lair on Thundera - was the base of operation on Thundera, it had a lot of resources to train ThunderCats.
  • Cats Lair - Home of the ThunderCats on Third Earth.