The cover of this box has Lion-O holding the Sword of Omens. It also has Mumm-Ra. This DVD has over 11 hours of animated fun. With 6 Season 2 volume discs the fun will never stop.


Disc 7

1. Exile Isle

2. Key To Thundera

3. Return of the ThunderCubs

4. The Formula

5.Locket of Lies

6. Bracelet of Power

Disc 8

7. The Wild Workout

8. The Thunderscope

9. The Jade Dragon

10. The Circus Train

11. The Last Day

Disc 9

1. Return to Thundera Part 1

2. Return to Thundera Part 2

3. Return to Thundera Part 3

4. Return to Thundera Part 4

5. Return to Thundera Part 5

Disc 10

6. Leah

7. Frogman

8. The Heritage

9. Screwloose

10. Malcar

11. Helpless Laughter

Disc 11

1.Cracker's Revenge

2. The Mossland Monster

3. Ma-Mutt's Confusion

4. The Shadowmaster

5.Swan Song

6.Touch of Amortus

Disc 12

7. The Zaxx Factor

8. Well of Doubt

9. The Book of Omens


Lion-O faces Mumm-Ra in a final showdown on Third Earth... and triumphs! As punishment for failing their task to eliminate the Thundercats, The Ancient Spirits of Evil exile Mumm-Ra to the edge of the universe. With Mumm-Ra gone, the Thundercats can safely rebuild their home planet New Thundera. But new dangers threaten the fledging civilization, forcing these brave pioneers to push their powers to their limits. And then the unthinkable occurs: Mumm-Ra returns more determined than ever to destroy them!

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