Thundercat signal
First appearance | Exodus
Name | ThunderCats
Species | Thunderian
Affiliation | ThunderCats
For details on the television series, see ThunderCats (original series).
For the new 2011 version, see ThunderCat (2011 TV series).

The ThunderCats were an elite group of Thunderians from the planet Thundera. Their base of operations had always been a Cats' Lair.

Code of Thundera

It is the duty of the ThunderCats to uphold the code of Thundera.

1. Truth: To speak the truth at all times

2. Loyalty: To be loyal to family and friends

3. Honor: To honor and respect superiors

4. Justice: To strive to help others and fairness in all acts that are committed that is good

The Lord of the Thundercats

The ThunderCats leader, the Lord of the ThunderCats is a hereditary title passed down. But every Lord of the ThunderCats must undergo a series of Anointment Trials in order to be worthy of the title. Lion-O began his Anointment Trials on his 20th birthday. He defeated fellow ThunderCats Panthro in a Trial of Strength, Cheetara in a Trial of Speed, Wilykit and Wilykat in a Trial of Cunning, and Tygra in a Trial of Mind Power. In his fifth and final trial, he defeated his arch nemesis, Mumm-Ra, in a Trial of Evil.

The anointment ceremony, held at the Cats Lair , was attended by many from Third Earth including the Berbils, Bolkins, Brute-Men, Molemen, Tabbuts, Trollogs, Unicorns, Wolos, and Warrior Maidens. Individuals present at the ceremony included Dr. Dometone, Hachiman, Mandora, Quick Pick, Unicorn Keepers, Snowmeow, Willa, and Nayda.

Lord of the ThunderCats was a title held by the rulers of the ThunderCats. Grune's great grandfather held this title.

Known Lords

Notable ThunderCats


  • In the Marvel comic series, the term ThunderCat is often used to refer to the entirety of the Thunderian race.
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