Third Earth
First appearance | Exodus
Name | Third Earth
Affiliation | ThunderCats

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Third Earth is the home planet of a wide variety of sentient and non-sentient beings of both native and alien origins. It became the home of the ThunderCats after Thundera was destroyed.


At one point in its past, Third Earth was known as First Earth. Every one hundred years the planet has a total eclipse, any spell cast by Mumm-Ra at this time will last until the next eclipse.

Later, the ThunderCats came to third earth as refugees, along with the stranded Mutants. The ThunderCats defeated Mumm-Ra many times, ending his tyranny over third earth. The ThunderCats along the way developed friendships and coalition with third earth inhabitants. When most of the ThunderCats left third earth, they established a group called The League of Third Earth, which was entrusted with protecting third earth.


Buildings and Settlements

Natural Areas

Living Beings

Native Sapient Species

Alien Sapient Species

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