‘’The Zaxx Factor is the one hundred twenty eighth episode of ThunderCats (original series)


Vultureman escapes from exile in the Way Outback by hijacking the Bookmobile, and he finds a disk containing a video on Ancient Third Earth History: The Saga of Mumm-Ra and Zaxx.

The video explains that long ago power was divided on Third Earth: Mumm-Ra ruled the North Hemisphere and Zaxx ruled the South Hemisphere.  Until one day, Mumm-Ra seizes the medallion that gives Zaxx his power, the so-called Rosencrest Medallion.  Mumm-Ra is said to store the medallion in his sarcophagus for safekeeping.  Using this information, Vultureman plots to defeat Mumm-Ra and rule the universe.

Mandora contacts the ThunderCats and informs them that Vultureman is on the loose.  Lion-O then contacts Panthro who is out in the Whisker with SnarfPanthro attempts to intercept the Bookmobile, but it's surprisingly maneuverable and the Whisker ends up sustaining heavy damage from some of the rocks that were blasted loose by the laser fire.

Vultureman enters Mumm-Ra's pyramid and, unable to find Mumm-Ra, proceeds to steal the Rosencrest Medallion from a chamber hidden behind the sarcophagus.  Once he puts it on, it generates golden armor on him.  Then, Mumm-Ra comes out from the shadows and scolds him for being so foolish.  As Mumm-Ra explains, the wearer of the medallion cedes control of their body to Zaxx until eventually their life force is replaced entirely.  Sprouting two new arms, Vultureman begins to fear what Mumm-Ra says is true and tosses the medallion into the cauldron.  Even the cauldron seems to reject the medallion, spewing it up and out of the opening at the top of the pyramid.  The medallion then lands on the ground outside.

Meanwhile, having falling off a cliff due to Whisker's crash, Snarf falls yet again, this time into a hole created by the quakes so common of New Thundera.  This hole transports him via air currents to an outlet right in front of Mumm-Ra's pyramid where he soon finds the Rosencrest Medallion.

Snarf dons the medallion and admires the utility of the armor, the crash and earthquakes still fresh on his mind.  However, he is soon coaxed into taking on a mission for Zaxx and he enters the pyramid to confront Mumm-Ra.

Mumm-Ra laughs at the image of the armored Snarf but the medallion proves it has a mind of its own and sends a green blast of energy toward Mumm-Ra.  Mumm-Ra and Zaxx both attempt to persuade Snarf to help their cause, but he is unable to decide and passes out.  Then, Zaxx appears in his complete form, as a four-armed bird creature.

The ThunderCats had been active all this time, though, and the ThunderTank bursts through the pyramid walls with Lion-O, Panthro, and Wilykat.  Wilykat uses a smoke bomb pellet while the others rescue Snarf.

Zaxx and Mumm-Ra continue to battle, finally gripping arms and wrestling over the medallion.  This causes them to fall into the cauldron and that causes an almost volcanic explosion that blows the top off the pyramid.  The ThunderCats presume both wizards to have perished in the blast and return to the Lair.  Mandora meets them there to take Vultureman back into custody, and she thanks the ThunderCats for their help.




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  • This is Vultureman and Mandora's last appearances in the show.


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