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‘’The Wolfrat" is the twenty eighth episode of ThunderCats (original series)


Vultureman builds an infiltration robot, the Wolfrat, and Mumm-Ra arms it with Miniaturization gas which then shrinks the ThunderCats down to size. Now only nine inches in height, the Cats must rely on teamwork more than ever if they are to survive.


Vultureman builds a state-of-the-art infiltration robot known as the Wolfrat. He presents the robot to Mumm-Ra and assures him that this creation is capable of penetrating the Cats Lair's every defense. Mumm-Ra, while initially dismissive at Vultureman's new creation, changes his mind after seeing a demonstration of the Wolfrat's abilities. He provides Vultureman with a vial of Miniaturization gas with which to arm the Wolfrat.

The Wolfrat then stealthily makes its way towards the Cats Lair. It avoids detection from both the lair's scan vision as well as the Sword of Omens' sight beyond sight by first transforming into a rock and then a section of the wall. It manages to drill its way into the lair and injects the Miniaturization gas into the ventilation shaft of the lair. 

The gas reaches the ThunderCats and shrinks them all down to a mere fraction of their normal height. The Wolfrat takes this opportunity to attack the diminutive Cats with its laser beams. The ThunderCats are able to distract the robot just long enough for Tygra to reach his laboratory where he begins work on an antidote. At the same time, Lion-O makes his way to the Sword Chamber. Using the sword's sight beyond sight, Lion-O sees that the Mutants are already circling the lair in their flying vehicles.

Meanwhile Snarf, who had been out picking Candy fruit, arrives back at the lair only to be greeted by the Wolfrat's laser beams. Snarf pelts the robot with Candy fruit and runs away to join his fellow Cats. Panthro builds a suit of armor for Snarf and together the Cats attack and destroy the Wolfrat.

By now the Mutants have already entered the lair and are seeking to destroy the minute ThunderCats. Tygra finally succeeds in preparing the antidote and grows back to full size. He summons the other ThunderCats into his lab and they all return to normal size. However, Snarf, who accidentally gets a whiff of the antidote, grows to double his size and he alone is enough to handle the Mutants who flee for their lives.


Lion-O: "Teamwork is everything".




  • Mumm-Ra reveals that his magical miniaturizing potion was created by "Tutan-tiny" which is a play on the name of the legendary Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun.
  • In this episode we're shown a giant Snarf facing off against the Mutants. A similar scenario happens in the episode Hair of the Dog when Snarf transforms into Snarf-Ra, the Ever-Living.

Animation Mistakes and/or Technical Glitches

  • In the scene in which the Mutants have entered Cats Lair, Vultureman's eyes are colored white instead of the normal yellow.
Wolfrat error1.jpg

  • As Tygra is growing back to normal size, his boots are completely closed, covering all parts of his feet. In Tygra's normal design, his toes and heels are always exposed.
Wolfrat error2.jpg

  • In the same scene in which Tygra is growing, for a brief moment the orange color on his nose is missing.
Wolfrat error3.jpg

Inconsistencies/Continuity Errors and/or Goofs/Oddities

  • After the ThunderCats destroyed the Wolfrat, they used its outer shell to disguise Snarf. Even though just Snarf was inside and none of the electronics, he was still able to fire a laser beam from the robot's ears at the Mutants.
  • If the gas works simply by inhalation, how was it possible until the Thundercats' suits had shrunk together?


Panthro: "They say it's a small world, but this is crazy!"

Cheetara: "Now we're up to normal size, let's cut those Mutants down to size!"

Snarf: "Candy fruits versus lasers. Thank Jaga I can call on superior intelligence!"

Mumm-Ra: "What we have here, Vultureman, is a Third Earth pest control operation!"

Tygra: Ah, don't worry, Snarf. It'll wear off in a few days and you'll be your normal size again.
Lion-O: But to honor you for fighting off the Mutants, I'm going to give up my chair at the council table, and you can take my place.
Snarf: Well, in that case..(sits but the seat breaks)
Lion-O: We asked you to join us at the council table, Snarf, but we didn't expect you to take the floor so soon. (the ThunderCats laugh)


Cats Lair, Onyx pyramid


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