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‘’The Totem of Dera" is the ninety sixth episode of ThunderCats (original series)


Mumm-ra finds the Totem of Dera (a part of the Treasure of Thundera) which has special healing powers and can bring inanimate objects to life. He gives it to Vultureman and the Mutants so they can make a device to destroy the Thundercats.

After making the device, the Mutants decide to test it near a swamp. At Cat's Lair, Lion-O sees that there is some mutant activity near the swamp. He, Wilykit, and Snarfer decide to check it out. When going to the swamp, the Hovercat is brought down by a swamp monster made by the device. The Hovercat crashes in the swamp, and Lion-O gets intoxicated by the deadly swamp water. Jaga appears and tells Snarfer that he must get the Totem of Dera to heal Lion-O.

Snarfer gets the Totem and succeeds in healing Lion-O. Lion-O calls on the ThunderCats to try to kill the swamp monster. When all their weapons prove ineffective against the monster, the ThunderCats come up with the idea to dissolve the monster in water and they succeed in defeating it.




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