"Telepathy Beam" is the ninety ninth episode of ThunderCats (original series).


Vultureman uses a new weapon on Cheetara to overwhelm her sixth sense in an attempt to destroy her confidence and distract her from sensing the truth that Panthro has become a prisoner and turned slave to upgrade Sky Tomb to be able to make a trip to New Thundera.

When the Thundercats are looking for Panthro, Vultureman makes Cheetara see images of him being captured by Mumm-Ra, being stuck on Hook Mountain, and being held at Castle Plun-Darr. Lion-O goes to Mumm-Ra's pyramid, and is ambushed by Luna and Amok, who capture him. Tygra goes to Plun-Darr and is captured by Red Eye. The Thunderkittens also get captured on Hook Mountain.

Cheetara is about to lose her mind, but Lynx-O tells her to listen to her heart instead of her mind. She then gathers a huge ball of energy that shoots out and destroys Vultureman's device and frees Panthro and the other Thundercats.




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