"The Sound Stones" is the eighty third episode of ThunderCats (original series).


Vultureman builds a sonic gun from a sound stone he stole in Dark Side. Since the other Mutants refuse to help, Vultureman decides to go on his own until the Lunataks "kidnap" him and force him to help them.

Vultureman uses a legendary sound stone to power the device and he and the Lunataks use it against the Thundercats at the Tower of Omens. The Thundercats barely escape and are saved by Lion-O, but they lose the tower to the Lunataks.

The Thundercats then design a sound weapon of with one of their own Sound Stones to counter Vultureman's weapon and retake the Tower of Omens.


The power of sound is very powerful, powerful enough to cause chaos.

Lion-O: "Our enemies are many and powerful, We need all the help we can get if Third Earth is to be free.

Sondora: "One day third earth will be free Lion-O, One day, you and the Thundercats will achieve that goal because you work together and because you have right on your side"

Lion-O: " I'm afraid that just being right isn't enough, we have to fight for our beliefs and that takes power"

Sondora: " As long as you Thundercats work together, you will have that power"



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