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The Soul Sever is the twenty-fourth episode of the ThunderCats (2011 TV series).


In the City of Dogs , as Panthro makes repairs to the ThunderTank, Lion-O and team begin to suspect something is wrong with the Book of Omens. Luckily, an old friend, Jorma, is willing to assist. But as luck would have it, a new threat is waiting for the ThunderCats.



  • Flicker is most likely an homage to the 80's movie, "Batteries Not Included".
  • Soul Sever is voiced by actor Jeffrey Combs who is best known for his work in the Re-Animator films where he also plays a scientist obsessed with returning the dead to life.


Jorma: While these machines are merely products of their programming, Sever is working towards making robots with souls.

Panthro: Machines with souls? That's impossible!

Tygra: You know what else is impossible? A cat with robot arms.

Panthro: Fair enough.