The Soul Sever, is the twenty-fourth episode of the ThunderCats (2011 TV series).


In the City of Dogs , as Panthro makes repairs to the ThunderTank, Lion-O and team begin to suspect something is wrong with the Book of Omens. Luckily, an old friend, Jorma, is willing to assist. But as luck would have it, a new threat is waiting for the ThunderCats.


Jorma: While these machines are merely products of their programming, Sever is working towards making robots with souls.

Panthro: Machines with souls? That's impossible!

Tygra: You know what else is impossible? A cat with robot arms.

Panthro: Fair enough.



  1. Flicker is most likely an homage to the 80's movie, "Batteries Not Included".
  2. Soul Sever is voiced by actor Jeffrey Combs who is best known for his work in the Re-Animator films where he also plays a scientist obsessed with returning the dead to life.


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