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The Pit is the nineteenth episode of ThunderCats 2011 TV series.


The ThunderCats enter the City of Dogs and discover a Cat refugee named Pumyra, who is being forced to fight as a Gladiatrix in the Pit. Meanwhile Panthro runs into an old friend named Dobo.

While WilyKit and WilyKat explore the town and find food, Snarf follows in order to keep an eye on them. The group watches the "games" and witness the cat, Pumyra, defeat a robot that the last fighter could not defeat. They talk to Dobo to plead for Pumyra's release and learn two things: the first is she must win one hundred battles to gain freedom, and second, it turns out Panthro and Dobo are old friends. Lion-O isn't satisfied with Dobo's choice and decides to sneak into the cells and break Pumyra out, but as he tries to release her she begins to yell at him with anger and rage because of him abandoning his kingdom and his people. This wakes the guards and Dobo appears, taking the Sword of Omens and the Gauntlet, telling Lion-O that since he disobeyed his law he would have to fight to earn his freedom as well, against Pumyra. As Dobo returns the Sword and Gauntlet to Panthro and the others, he tells them that if Lion-O wins this fight he will go free. Cheetara and Tygra try to convince him to release them both, but Dobo refuses.

Panthro tells Dobo not to let their past affect his judgement. We learn that Dobo and Panthro were teamed up in The Pit as a joke, a war prisoner cat and thieving dog, but they actually worked well together and won their battles, becoming famed fighters. But Panthro had escaped one night and left Dobo alone with all the enemies they made, Panthro regretted his choice but Dobo said it was the best thing that happened to him because it gave him the strength to become leader of the city but the betrayal caused him to lose faith in loyalty from cats.

Meanwhile, WilyKit and WilyKat run into a fellow pickpocket named Tookit and while they were talking about how they were as good a thief as him, WilyKat finds his Flink missing and WilyKit's flupe is gone too! The battle between Lion-O and Pumyra begins, and Lion-O refuses to fight her, but she has no issue fighting a weakling king.

Back with the Kittens, Kat and Kit try to convince Tookit to return their things but he refuses unless they can prove they are as good as they say. The group pleads for Dobo to stop the fight, but he refuses. Dobo says that this battle shows how loyal Cats truly are until Panthro explains why he left that night. Panthro tells him that the next battle was to be a death match against Dobo and himself. Dobo asks if he ran because he was afraid he would have lost but Panthro says that he was afraid that he might have won.

WilyKit and WilyKat steal a cane, a button, and a blanket and return to Tookit and tell him they won and to return their stuff so they can hurry and return the random items. Unfortunately it is too late and they are all being chased. Tookit uses the items WilyKit and WilyKat took to save them and gained some money in the end while taking his leave. Just as the kids say he is not so bad, they realize he still has their things.

Back at the Pit, Lion-O continues to stand up after taking a beating from Pumyra's attacks, stating that he promised to stand by her. Pumyra learns he is truly a strong and caring king and refused to continue the fight. Dobo states that since both forfeit the match they must be sentenced to death, until he hears his people telling him to let them live.

After learning why Panthro left and witnessing the loyalty between Pumyra and Lion-O, he lets them live and grants them both their freedom. With old wounds fully healed and new friends made, Lion-O asks Pumyra where the other Cats that were taken by the lizards are now and she replies "Mount Plun-Darr" as she points to an ominous looking Mountain.




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