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‘’The Mossland Monster is the one hundred twenty third episode of ThunderCats (original series)


Tygra, on a solo trip to New Thundera to meet the other Thundercats, decides to take a shortcut through a meteor shower. His ship is damaged, and he lands on an unexplored region of New Thundera. The Moss-Land.

It turns out that the moss in moss-land is inhabited to a Giant Moss Monster who captures Tygra with its moss. Lion-O and Bengali set out to save Tygra and battle the Moss Monster.

Lion-O, Bengali, Snarf and Snarfer try to find Tygra, but run into the creature instead. After a long hard battle, the creature seems to have been beaten. But just as the group leaves to find Tygra it awakens and attacks again, and captures all of them with its moss.

But not before Lion-O could summon one of the Rock Guardians with the Sword of Omens. When the Guardian arrives it and the Moss Monster do battle, with the Guardian destroying it using the Sword of Omens. When everyone is safe again Tygra apologizes for the mess he'd gotten everyone in.




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  • This episode was Tygra's last appearance on the show, other than during the opening theme.

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