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"The Micrits" is the forty first episode of ThunderCats (original series).


Micrits, a tiny race of human like figures happen to live right outside Cats Lair. Unaware of their existence, Lion-O manages to continuously step on their village (keep in mind they are the size of toy figures) and destroy their homes. Upset at this disrespect, the Micrits decide to take a stand and manage to trap Lion-O and later steal the Thundercats' weapons from Cats Lair. With the ThunderCat Lord in trouble, the mutants attack Cats Lair. After much talk, Lion-O manages to convince the Micrits that he's good and convinces them to let him go to help save his friends. Once again, Lion-O saves the day, and befriends the Micrits. Afterwards, the ThunderCats mark the location of the Micrits' territory on their maps and in the field, and take alternate routes to avoid passing through it.




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baton; Cats' Lair; Jaga; Micrits; ThunderTank; Thundranium; Thundrillium; Thundrometer;

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