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‘’The Mask of Gorgon" is the seventy eighth episode of ThunderCats (original series)

The Mask of Gorgon is a an artifact made out of solid silver, it was guarded by the Warrior Maidens and embedded in the oldest tree in their kingdom Shemlock, to ensure that it would always face westward, away from the Hills of Elfshima. It has the power to turn flesh into stone, and when given the power of sight beyond sight it is able to turn stone to flesh. When the mask was destroyed its magical effects ceased, even restoring the places destroyed by the Child of Gorgon.


Mumm-Ra plans on using the legendary Mask of Gorgon to free a sleeping child in the hills of Elfshima to use against the Thundercats. When Chilla and Tug Mug fail to get the mask because it turned them to stone, Mumm-Ra summons it using an ancient tome he discovered and decides that he needs the Eye of Thundera so that the mask can use sight beyond sight to awaken a Giant called the Child of Gorgon.

Lynx-O warns the Thundercats of the mask and the sleeping Child, but Lion-O, Panthro, and Willa still go to the pyramid, but are turned to stone by the mask. Mumm-Ra then uses the Eye of Thundera and the mask to awaken the giant. But Lynx-O and Ben-Gali in the Thunderstrike defeat the giant by shooting it in its eardrum, while the mask gets smashed apart restoring everyone who had been turned to stone, and the Eye of Thundera burns the book that contained the mask's terrible secrets.


Actions taken in a fit of anger are seldom successful.

There's nothing heroic in losing your temper.



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